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K-Pop Korner - News Updates from the UK

A Girl at My Door, Starring Doona Bae & Saeron Kim, is a Must Watch

by Adam Riley on 09/29/15

There are many fantastic films coming from the South Korean scene in recent years, and one such hit was last year's Doheeya, starring Doona Bae (Jupiter Ascending, Sense8) and Saeron Kim (The Man from Nowhere), which has only just been picked up for UK release via Peccadillo Pictures.

A sombre tale of a young girl (Kim) abused by her stepfather, and the heroine of the story, a police officer (Bae) recently relocated to the sleepy coastal village, who cares for her like a mother. However, the officer's past comes back to haunt her and things take a turn for the worst very quickly.

Highly rated by critics, Cubed3's Lights, Camera, Action! included, this is one movie that should not be missed.

Zandari Festa 2015 Set to Rock South Korea

by Adam Riley on 09/29/15

After teaming up with the team at Liverpool Sound City, this year's Zandari Festa in Seoul, South Korea, is set to be the biggest yet, with 100s of acts from all over the world, mainly from Korea and the UK, but also Poland, Japan, and many other places.

Cubed3's MusiCube series has quotes from British band The Tea Street Band, as well as various Korean acts, like Oops Nice, Sultan of the Disco, and Maan, plus lots of great samples of the music attendees can expect between 2nd and 4th October in the Hongdae area of Seoul.

Be sure to check out the full article here.

K-Music 2015 | Review of The Barberettes at The Forge, Camden in London

by Adam Riley on 09/14/15

After the review of [su:m]'s performance at the K-Music 2015 festival, next up was Korean "time-travel" trio, The Barberettes, with their retro style of fun music, sampling classics from decades gone by and mixing in their own new tunes that are of a similar ilk. After gaining much recognition in their home country of South Korea, they have been busy wowing crowds around the world and stopped off in London, UK, to do two nights' worth of performances to get British fans whipped into a frenzy.

Read the full MusiCube event review over at sister site, Cubed3, to see what the team thought of the showcases.

K-Music 2015 | Review of [su:m] at London's Southbank Centre

by Adam Riley on 09/09/15

The wonderful South Korean female duo of Jiha Park and Jungmin Seo - [su:m] - graced London's Southbank Centre on 1st September to kick off the K-Music 2015 event, in association with the Korean Cultural Centre UK and Serious. Playing various different styles of traditional instruments, such as the piri and gayageum, they had the audience in the palm of their hands. People were indeed totally mesmerised through to the finale, when Arthur Jeffes of Penguin Cafe joined them on stage for a sublime collaboration.

For more details on how impressive the entire event was, be sure to read the full review over on our sister site, Cubed3, as part of the MusiCube series, the written accompaniment to K-Pop Korner.

Be sure to stick around for further K-Music news, such as a report on The Barberettes' performances on 4th and 5th September.

K-Music 2015 | Pre-Event Overview

by Adam Riley on 08/30/15

The Korean Cultural Centre UK and Serious have teamed up to bring a wealth of fantastic musicians and singers from South Korea to numerous locations around London, starting with [su:m] performing at the Southbank Centre on 1st September to kick off the month's jam-packed schedule.

With the likes of retro-themed trio, The Barberettes, punk rock band No Brain, and the fusion group, Jambinai, mixing traditional Korean instruments with drums and guitar, there is a wide selection on show.

The full roster can be read about over on K-Pop Korner's sister site, Cubed3 as part of the MusiCube series.

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