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K-Pop Korner - News Updates from the UK

Interviews with Zandari Festa 2016 Stars

by Adam Riley on 12/08/16

Every year, Zandari Festa takes place in the Hongdae area of Seoul, South Korea, with some of the hottest bands from not just across the country, but select stars from around the world, as well.

Last year saw the likes of Maan, Sultan of the Disco, and LudiSTELO joined by British artists such as Johnny Sands, The Tea Street Band, Natalie McCool and others. This year had yet another impressive line-up, and Cubed3's MusiCube series caught up with Danpyunsun and the Sailors, Full Garage, Howaho, The Veggers and Earrip from the Korean contingent, as well as British stars like Coquin Migale and Elle Exxe, to quiz them on the popular event, put on in association with Sound City.

Hyper Japan's Christmas Market 2016 Review

by Adam Riley on 12/08/16

From 25th-27th November down at Tobacco Dock in London, UK, Hyper Japan held its annual Christmas Market event. Last year there were artists such as Ladybaby, Wing Works, Lacroix Despheres, and Airly Momoco in and around the popular festive location, whilst this year saw acts such as The Hoopers, Misaki Iwasa, Fuki, Hizaki, The Tomboys, plus more, entertaining the masses that turned up over the three-day festival.

K-Pop Korner's sister site, Cubed3, was there to see how it all shaped up, as part of the popular MusiCube feature series.

Be sure to read the full report over there to find out more...

Have You Heard K-Pop Korner on Nova Radio Yet?

by Adam Riley on 11/30/16

Earlier in 2016, K-Pop Korner joined a new network by the name of Gravity Radio North East. Whatever happened to that station, though, you might be asking? Well, it didn't disappear, as such, but has instead been re-launched and re-branded as Nova Radio North East! You can listen over at the TuneIn page, on the official website, or even by trying out the Android App.

You can now catch each week's episode of K-Pop Korner over on Nova Radio North East from 11pm UK time on Mondays.

Feel the Gravity! K-Pop Korner Joins Gravity Radio NE

by Adam Riley on 02/27/16

Following on from the news that K-Pop Korner was moving over to theAUreview's network, AU Radio, we are pleased to confirm that you can also catch the show right here in the UK on Gravity Radio North East now.

Every Tuesday from 1am UK time, the latest edition of the popular weekly radio show will be airing via the website's own player or using the TuneIn service.

There have already been some amazing guests on during 2016, and the current show focuses on the Zandari Festa. Late last year, artists from Liverpool Sound City were chosen to fly to South Korea to play in the Hongdae area of the capital city, Seoul. This week's show has Natalie McCool, Fizzy Blood, Hyde & Beast, The Tea Street Band, and Johnny Sands on for exclusive interviews, to play their music, as well as let them choose their favourite Korean acts from the festival over there, including the likes of Dead Buttons, Jambinai, and Idiotape.

As ever, all the latest details of show times, dates, guests and more, can be found over at the official K-Pop Korner Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kpopkorneruk/

K-Pop Korner Joins "the AU review" Network, AU Radio

by Adam Riley on 11/18/15

It is with a heavy heart that we wave goodbye to Broadland Radio, as the radio station is temporarily shutting down. In the wake of this, though, there is positive news: K-Pop Korner has now moved home!

As of Thursday, 12th November, Europe's No.1 for Korean music has now extended its reach to new shores - Australian shores, to be precise.

the AU review already has a strong foundation in many areas, with a fantastic array of features, and has recently expanded into the radio scene, so it is with great pleasure that we can announced that K-Pop Korner is going to accompany the likes of Hello Asia on the network.

Over on AU Radio you will be able to listen to the best of Korean music...and more...FOUR times every week. The full schedule is below:


US: 1:00pm (PT) / 4:00pm (ET),
UK: 9:00pm (GMT)
Japan / South Korea: 6:00am (Friday, JST/KST)
Australia (Sydney): 8:00am (Friday, AEDT)


US: 6:00pm (Saturday, PT) / 9:00pm (Saturday, ET),
UK: 12:00am (GMT)
Japan / South Korea: 9:00am (Friday, JST/KST)
Australia (Sydney): 11:00am (AEDT)


US: 3:30am (PT) / 5:30am (ET),
UK: 10:30am (GMT)
Japan / South Korea: 7:30pm (JST/KST)
Australia (Sydney): 9:30pm (AEDT)


US: 11:30pm (Tuesday, PT) / 2:30am (ET),
UK: 7:30am (GMT)
Japan / South Korea: 4:30pm (JST/KST)
Australia (Sydney): 6:30pm (AEDT)

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