K-Pop Korner broadcasts the best of Korean music from the heart of Manchester, UK each and every week. Be it K-Pop, K-Indie, K-Rock...or any other musicians, singers, dancers from South Korea, it's right here on the show.

New interviewees aplenty can be expected, from mainstream stars like Nell, Kim Greem, Crayon Pop, and Lim Kim, to cool indie singers like Gonne Choi and Morrie, as well as other groups that really deserve lots of attention, such as Mogavi and Love X Stereo, plus there are also special guests like Sam Hammington and even Minzy of 2NE1’s sister - Minyoung Gong - joined host and producer Adam Riley in the hot seat.

Conceived at the end of 2012 and launching in early 2013, it is all thanks to the huge support of fans worldwide that K-Pop Korner has been No.1 on every network it featured on.

Europe’s first, and still the best, radio show dedicated the wonderful world of Korean music brings pop, dance, rock, indie…any genre! It’s not all about Gangnam Style, you know? There have even been guests from Indonesia and Japan over the years.

Watch out for more great music and interviews in in the near future. Keep up to date by checking http://www.facebook.com/kpopkorneruk.

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